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Chairman and Managing Director’s


Mr. Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

Mr. Mohammad Rafiqul Islam completed his bachelor Degree under Chittagong University.Additionally studded 2 years at Construction Industry Training Institute (CITI) SingaporeMohammad Rafiqul Islam started his professional career in 1994. Successfully passed colorfulOverseas Job Carrier 9 years highly technical experience in the work field. Also work as awelfare Officer for Vabertac Management (Singapore) construction labor sector. Work asInstructor for Construction training Institute under CITI (Singapore) at Blue Stare Management.Operate own Instructor for Construction training Institute under CITI (Singapore). Also workfor Thomson Electronic Limited (Canada), Matomec Industries (Panasonic Sister concern,Japan) , Honda (Honda motorcycle company, Japan)Returning to Bangladesh he established Quantam Builders and Engineering Limited and startedhis journey as an entrepreneur his own business In 2003. Also established Quantam Group. TheSister concern of Quantam Group are 1. Quantam Builder and Engineering Ltd for PEB works.2. Quantam L A Construction for Civil construction, PEB (Government and Non-government,DPM, Tender ) EPC works. 3. L A Sandwich Panel Limited and PEB House Limited for all typeof sandwich panels and law cost PEB living House. 4. Win Pen (WP) Limited. For heat andSound insulated double glazed doors and windows (German Technology). In 2006 firstintroducer in Bangladesh Market.Mr. Mohammad Rafiqul Islam are creative type people and visionary character, he like tointroduce new and versatile technology for concrete industries, by introducing world latest andproven pre-cast construction technology for composite economical building system to theBangladesh market. He is doing hard work to make the construction an industrial form.